AG Technologies LTD



  • installation and dismantling of all types steelwork, all types of antennas installation, alignment, including RET calibration where applicable;
  • MW links installation together with antennas alignment, justification, and link commissioning
  • outdoor and indoor cabling, working with all types of connectors;
  • RF measurements using SiteMaster
  • PIM measurements using PIM Tester
  • assisting during integration, preparation of site ready for integration (EE, VF, TEF, H3G projects) producing all the documentation requested by customer
  • troubleshooting and fault clearance, site surveys


  • installation of antennas, feeders and special equipment,
  • measurement of antennas – feeder path quality,
  • maintenance
  • troubleshooting (Vodafone, Three operators, Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei vendors)
  • site sutrveys and supporting documentation
  • temporary sites build


  • new build and modernization of existing sites
  • installation of antennas and supporting equipment in pylons, on roofs, towers, BTS, TRM cabs, RBS units’ installation
  • basic electrical works, testing and commissioning


  • installation of mobile networks equipment,
  • site power installation and commissioning (Elisa and Telia operators)
  • building, installation, maintenance and repair of telecom networks


  • deployment and renewal of national and international operators radio infrastructures (BTS and transmission)
  • installation and maintenance of structures that adjust to the needs of operators, guaranteeing and improving the connectivity of end client
  • pre-installation and installation of Radio and MW equipment, including commissioning and integration
  • preparation of final documentation for the client
  • troubleshooting and repair works